Makin Money of a Miami Miracle

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    One week after firing their head coach, the University of Miami boarded a plane to Durham, North Carolina to play in one of the most bizarre football games you’ll ever see.


    I was at work. It was Halloween night, a big night for any pub with a conscience. Needless to say, I was busy as hell so I didn’t get to watch any highlights until the following morning.

    As it turns out, I missed a doozy of a contest.

    After further review, Miami-Duke was one for the record books because a) Duke came back from down twelve to seemingly win the game in the final minutes b) that didn’t end up happening because of an eight-lateral, “Band is on the field,” type return c) the officiating crew was later suspended for blowing the call and d) Dr. Milhouse and I had money on the game.

    Ah, the joys of wagering on college football.

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    glad you won,but duke got f**k**ed! should have had 1 untimed down at the 25 yard line instead of giving miami the td.
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    Duke definitely got f**k**ed, no doubt.

    And I love Led Zeppelin too, Forrest.