Making the case for Baker Mayfield

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    Baker Mayfield’s been in the news a lot lately. With good reason.

    The number-one drafted, Heisman Trophy-winning, boastfully flag-planting, sidelines crotch-grabbing, far-too-short to play the pro game, Johnny Manziel comparative is the new face of the Cleveland Browns. He is the next among a long list of quarterbacks that the NFL’s most historically, downtrodden franchise has selected to do something never done before: lead the Browns to a Super Bowl.

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    I want the kid to succeed because the Browns are long over due and we need young, exciting Quarterbacks. Our superstars are getting old.
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    fixed that for you.
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    Hahaha!! We have two young ones and two old ones. It will be Dak vs. Wentz for the next decade and a little more. Unless Dak turns into RGIII this year (or Wentz turns into Sam Bradford and can't stay healthy).