Man Tries To Sell Stolen Brains On eBay

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    This was not was your typical undercover sting.

    For starters, it was happening at an Indiana Dairy Queen. And the target was brains. Yeah, a brain bandit.

    The arrest last month of a 21-year-old suspect uncovered, police say, a macabre scheme to steal the brains of dead mental patients and sell them online. The suspect was peddling some 60 brains. And yes, amazingly there were customers. The arrest in this case also unearthed a few questions. We will try and answer them.

    Where did the suspect get 60 brains?

    Suspect David Charles allegedly stole more than 60 jars of brain and other human tissues in October from a warehouse space at the Indiana Medical History Museum, the Marion County prosecutor's office said in court papers Thursday.

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    "abby normal" lol
    i liked the"give him a sed-a-give" line a bit better.