Marv Levy v2.0 Set Table For Bills Success

Discussion in 'Buffalo Bills' started by wide right, Oct 25, 2008.

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    Marv Levy stepped down as the Buffalo Bills' general manager in the off-season after fulfilling a two-year agreement, but his fingerprints are all over the team that is leading the AFC East. After all, he hired coach twinky Jauron, and on Levy's watch the organization drafted quarterback Trent Edwards, running back Marshawn Lynch, safety Donte Whitner, linebacker Paul Posluszny and many others who have contributed to the turnaround. Levy is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame for his coaching accomplishments, but he said he learned about being a general manager by working with former Bills GMs Bill Polian and John Butler. "With them you knew it was the organization that wins," Levy said. "It was never my way or the highway. So we were able to get a team mentality going in the front office."

    Source: Chicago Tribune
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    Levy deserves a lot of credit for getting the Bills on track. They had become an inconsistent franchise with no direction. The success of Levy this time is more subtle but it's a more successful comeback than Joe Gibbs (although I don't think that was bad, just too much was expected with too much hype).
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    I have always admired this highly educated and intelligent man. I put Marv right up there with the Tuna as one of the smartest football people around. "Where else would you rather be then right here, right now?" One of my favorite quotes.
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    Levy took alot of crap early in his GM stint. Its always funny to see how wrong people are sometimes