Matthew Stafford's Late TD Gives The Lions A 31-30 Victory Over The Cowboys

Discussion in 'NFL General Discussion' started by DaBears22, Oct 27, 2013.

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    Matthew Stafford lunged for a touchdown with 12 seconds left to give the Detroit Lions a 31-30 victory over the Dallas Cowboys in a thriller Sunday at Ford Field.

    Detroit trailed by six points with 1:02 left and started the winning drive at its own 20.

    Source: The Sports Network

    DaBears22's Take: Tough loss for Dallas. After Detroit scored early, Dallas stormed back to take and hold the lead for a better part of the game. The refs reviewed Stafford's TD lunge and ruled he scored. This game could have gone either way.
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    Wild finish in the game. Stafford's throw to Durham on the winning drive was absolutely sick. He really showed me something in this game. And about ridiculous. I'm looking forward to the replay of this one on NFL Network this week.