McNabb Vs. Bulger.......Who's Better

Discussion in 'NFL Smack Central' started by eaglesrule4ever, Mar 12, 2008.

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  2. smeags

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    you have to be kidding, this is your arguement here ? knit picking a stat here and there ? you're gonna rip mcnabb for having FIVE more int's in 1248 more attempts ? are you serious ????

    take another look at that list of top notch, elite wr's mcnabb has had to work with over his career, are you really going to insult everyones intelligence by trying claim they were parallel to what bulger had ?
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    McNabb is far more better.
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    Is this an actual post and is someone actually dylusional enough to take Bulger over McNabb? Even if I was a Felons fan i'd take McNabb over Bulger. Bulger is about as mobile as my bottle of contact solution and hasn't done jack crap in the NFL. McNabb=Playmaker.
    Bulger=QB who's had the benefit of having WR's who catch everything.

    End of point. Thrash, Pinkston, Mitchell, Charles Johnson..
    Holt and Bruce...

    Yeah, let's keep talking
  5. Bulger = Excellence
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    I am hearing rumors that Trent Green "could" be competing for a starting job??
  7. eaglesrule4ever

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    Just about everyone disagrees with you, man give it up!
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    McNabb has two capital letters, two b's, and rhymes with a crap load of words. Bulger is bulge with an r at the end. Case closed
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    Unbiased, huh? :doh:
  10. eaglesrule4ever

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    MCNABB = Beat the crap of little butt white bulger!
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    I agree, in Mcnabb prime he was a beast but now he is a lemon. If Bulger stay healthy he is the best right now (which is important to me).
  12. 86WARD

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    Present Day...all things being equal, I still take McNabb. Much more upside than Bulger.
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    He's telling the truth.
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  15. Trent Dilfer > Donavan McNabb
  16. 86WARD

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    You just blew any hope you had for an argument with that craziness!!!

  17. smeags

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    291/473 - 61.5% - 3324yrds - 19td's - 7int's - 89.9qbr

    in only 14 games in what uneducated people call a horrible year. :icon_cool:
  18. andy82

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    In determining the biggest cat out of the two, it's a very close call...
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    mcnabb has played 3 more seasons and only a few more picks while killing him in TD's.

    9 seasons to 6 seasons

    It comes down to Bulger has had guys like and including Holt, Bruce, Faulk, S-Jax his whole career basically.

    When D-Mac had TO, he was untouchable and beating Brees in stats when Brees was killing it 2 years ago.
    In '04 he had 31 TD's 8 Picks

    Bulger threw 15ints last year in only 12 games and 22 in his second year.

    Mcnabb has never thrown more than 13 (second season) and has also been at or close to 2TD's to 1 pick his entire career and has never thrown more picks than TD's in a season.

    Don't even get me started about how bulger plays mostly in a dome.