Microsoft Is Finally Killing Its Darlings

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  1. markaz

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    ....... But today Microsoft released seven security updates for Windows XP and four for Microsoft Office 2003. The company made it clear (if it wasn't already) that this is the end of the line. The operating system and Office suite will no longer be supported, which means using them will run major security risks. It's finally happening.

    Anybody here at GIF/FK still using any of these? If so, what's your take and what are you going to do? Even if not, what are your feelings on Microsoft nuking three (3) still-popular applications (including IE6)?
  2. 86WARD

    86WARD -

    I have Windows XP on my desktop...probably close to 10 years old. Thing is slowly dying already and I basically just use it to pay my bills. So needless to say, I'll probably just break it down and sell it as parts. I have a Dell laptop now...but looking to buy a MacBook Pro.
  3. markaz

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    That might be a good idea (but you may want to hold on to the HD). Nice thing about Mac OS's, Apple doesn't create a new one every year "just because".
  4. 86WARD

    86WARD -'s an 80GB hard drive that I'll either format and use as an external
    Back up or just flat out smash it with a
  5. TJ

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    My frankenstein desktop PC still runs on XP. I don't think I can upgrade it without getting a new mother board to allocate more RAM, so it might be also the end of the line for the PC I've used since my last year of high school (my dad bought that baby 15 years ago. I've been updating its parts for the past 10 years, and pretty much the only thing left from the original is the cabinet. When I moved away from his house, I took it with me, named it "Franky" and never looked back xD). It will be hard. Maybe a Viking funeral would be in order...

    (Or maybe I will just use it as a "Porn machine").
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