Mike Holmgren Says Browns Will Retain Head Coach Pat Shurmur

Discussion in 'Cleveland Browns' started by SRW, Dec 14, 2011.

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    Browns president Mike Holmgren said Pat Shurmur will “absolutely†be Cleveland’s coach next season. Holmgren was asked about Shurmur’s status Wednesday during a lengthy news conference triggered by quarterback Colt McCoy’s concussion and the team’s controversial handling of his head injury during Thursday night’s loss at Pittsburgh. Shurmur has had a rough first season with the Browns (4-9), who have had numerous injuries and their fair share of controversy. Holmgren called Shurmur “a very competent young head coach who will be here for a long time.†Mistakes have doomed the Browns this season and Holmgren took issue with the idea that problems on and off the field reflect “business as usual†for the club. Holmgren also disputed critics who feel he’s not as involved as he should be running the team.

    Source: Associated Press
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    Holmgren is a coach not a GM. And hence part of the problem.
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    I would almost bet money that he making video about it now.
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    He's only been there one year. Give him a chance.
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    Even money he's in the hospital with heart trouble.

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