Mike Jenkins Says He Feels No Bitterness Toward The Cowboys

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    Mike Jenkins said Wednesday that he feels no bitterness toward the Cowboys for adding two starting cornerbacks in the off-season.

    The 27-year-old former Pro Bowl cornerback was the only team member that didn’t attend voluntary off-season workouts at Valley Ranch, leading to speculation that he was unhappy with the additions of Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne.

    On Wednesday, Jenkins said he just wants to move on.

    “Honestly I don’t want to even talk about what happened,†Jenkins said. “I just want to move on, move on past it. There’s no bitterness, there’s no nothing. It is what it is. The only thing I can try to do right now and do for myself and my team is try to help out, so however that role is and whatever they have planned is what I have to do.

    “If it’s anything else both sides are going to have to bite the bullet because feuding … ain’t going to do nothing for none of us.â€

    Source: Dallas Morning News

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