Mike McCoy Feels Chargers QB Philip Rivers Will 'Have A Great Season'

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    Chargers coach Mike McCoy is impressed with quarterback Philip Rivers after the San Diego Chargers' voluntary minicamp, Bernie Wilson of the Associated Press reports.

    Rivers looks "great," McCoy said. "Love him. He really does. That's the truth.

    "He's dying to be the very best," McCoy said. "You love the way he works every day. He comes in, he's detailed, he's asking great questions. It's not just the basics of what he wants to know. He wants phase three of things. Right now we're just in the beginning of the developmental stages of it. We want him to work within our system with everybody here for a couple of weeks of doing things and he's asking questions of what we're going to be down the road, which is great."

    "Obviously he's the leader of this organization and he's going to have a great season," McCoy said.

    Source: The Redzone
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    well, rivers clearly had his worst season last year. at times, it looked like he was disinterested. maybe it was just a result of him being a part of the sinking ship of the norv turner regime. when he is playing his best ball, he is a damn good nfl qb, even though he's unlikable.

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