Mizzou's Michael Sam says he's gay

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    not misinterpretting anything. simply responding to you. you've said you have no issue with gays multiple times and yet and keep hyperboling about them coming out. i see some contradiction in that. it seems like what you really want to say is you have no issue with gays as long as they just shut up about it.

    on the flipside you seem really concerned about the poor oppressed straight nfl player that now has to shower with the serial rapist gay. seems a tad homophobic to me. not trying to say you hate gays but you def have some issues with them.
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    if most people tend to think he is,what is the difference? the guy is pretty good but there has to be a reason nobody wants him,is'nt it? he does not have any injuries.
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    Dale Hansen is the sports anchor for WFAA-TV, which is the ABC affiliate in Dallas. Occasionally, he does a segment called Unplugged, which he gives his opinion on various sports related issues. This is what he said last night about Michael Sam. You can read the blog or watch the video. It's the exact same thing. Here's the link:

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    great find rags.

    this is why it's important for a gay man to announce his sexual preference. so that this kind of asinine, backwards thinking can be ushered out of the sport.
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    Last night they tackled an interesting issue on NFL Network: The front offices won't care, coaching staffs won't care, even most if not all of the players won't care. But what about the fans? There are idiots everywhere.
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    we don't care about sexual preference in philly. we hate everyone equally.
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    You beat a woman and drag her down a flight of stairs, pulling her hair out by the roots? You're the fourth guy taken in the NFL draft.

    You kill people while driving drunk? That guy's welcome.

    Players caught in hotel rooms with illegal drugs and prostitutes? We know they're welcome.

    Players accused of rape and pay the woman to go away?

    You lie to police trying to cover up a murder?

    We're comfortable with that.

    There is a book out called" boys will be boys"about the dallas cowboy dynasty of the 1990s that describes all these events rags,in case ya want to read it!;);)
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    I've already read it, Diesel.
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    I read it too. You forgot the part about the star WR stabbing his teammate in the neck.
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    hey man,don't get pissed,i was just messing with ya!
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    I'm not pissed. I was just saying I've already read it. It's a good book if you really want to know what happened with the Cowboys during the SB years of the early 90s.
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    And, I thought Philly was The City of Brotherly Love.:confused:
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    I have my 4 cents on the matter.

    0.01 cent. How on earth did the entire Mizzou team keep this from the media for so long. He came out to them this past Summer! We are not talking about a Pro team with 53 players. College teams can account for over 100 players. HOW did this stay a secret? However they did it, I found new respect for the Tigers

    0.02 cents: He can come out whenever he wants. I have read that he talked with Jason Collins numerous times before deciding to come out. How will it affect his draft position I have no clue. But he must be able to deal with it not matter when gets selected.

    0.03 cent Football skills remains the biggest concern when drafting a player and from numerous scouting reports I have read. The guy is simply not that good.

    0.04 cent This is the most important thought I have. THE Lesbian and Gay community HAS to accept whatever the future holds for Michael Sam on Football terms. IF he doesn't get selected the NFL will be blasted for not selecting him because he is "gay"! Well what if he just isn't ready for the NFL? How about he gets selected by a team and then just doesn't perform? How will the LGBT act? to me this is the most important thing and probably one of the main reasons his stock will fall. I don't think any NFL team wants to be the subject of hate by that community. If he can't play he can't play and this needs to be accepted BY ALL. My fear is it won't.

    Anyway I wish him luck and hope none of these come true. I just worry they wil
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    Yea he's a freaking goober.
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    The father is speaking his mind. I don't see anything wrong. People can have opinions against gays, just like people who support them
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    Ok but to not support your own son when he makes an announcement like this is stupid. That guy sucks.
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    You know who else I hear is gay?

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    People with the AIDS are gay...