MMA Agents Unify To Block Showtime Contract Auction

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    Some of the top agents in mixed martial arts have banded together in hopes of blocking Showtime's upcoming auction of ProElite's assets, including their fighters' contracts. The letter -- sent to MMA Junkie by Ken Pavia and co-signed by Monte Cox, Ed Soares, Matt Stansell, Bob Cook, Chas Bowling and Cesar Gracie -- warns would-be buyers that the agents plan to fight the legality of any sale. "The unity of this effort is unprecedented and the message that is being sent is clear," the statement read.

    Source: MMA Junkie
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    This will be interesting to follow...
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    Hmmmm, definitely they're basically trying to auction people? That doesn't sound legal.
  4. CP26

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    I dont really know but definitely Interesting to see whats next.
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    Well what I got from the article is that the Agents believe that they can't auction off the contracts because they are for:

    ...and they believe those contracts won't have to be honored...