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Discussion in 'Oakland Raiders' started by Stinger75, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. Stinger75

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    Robert Gallery on the move from left tackle to left guard during May workouts. Lane Kiffin explained they are working on a lot of different options, but the move could be permanent. You know I felt Gallery was going to be key in shoring up the OL, but he has not proven himself consistently at all. Gallery, who briefly played left guard as a rookie, has also played right tackle and left tackle. The key word there being "consistently", I don't make excuses, and do consider Gallery to be a flop at 2nd over all pick. This guy has been moved from LT to RT and even some at RG. Lets find a position for this guy and let he play it, if he fails to cut the mustard, cut him/trade him whatever.
  2. Walnuts

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    Poor bastard...I think he could be a lot more successful if they put him somewhere and just freaking LEAVE him there instead of constantly popping him all around. I'm not saying he's not a flop/bust or whatever, but from day 1 he has been constantly shuffled around, and that can't be good for anyone, especially a young player in a high-pressure situation.
  3. Stinger75

    Stinger75 It's Showtime, Folks!

    Yeah, i'm kind of torn you want to feel "sorry" for him. Then I remember he's making $$$ and should produce.
  4. nastynate184

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    o heck they are moving him again damnit. how is he ever supposed to improve if he can't learn a postion
  5. TDJets72027

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    Gallery hasn't lived up to the hype.
  6. Platoon 86

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    Damn, they're moving him again? That can't be easy on him.
  7. brakos82

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    When I saw the title, I figured they were moving back to LA, but I guess not. :(
  8. cashtool

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    He's played every position o nthe line except for center. Stupid.