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    Ok so today I stayed at home all day. I looked out side and I saw the media. I wanted to call the cops to get them off my lawn but I couldnt find my cell phone or the house phone. My wife keeps on losing both, I think she has taps on me. She probably thinks im cheating on her with some snitches. To tell you the truth I was until I killed them all. I stunned and hung those snitches. But not all because I had to breed them. I loved them like no other but I had to in the love of the sport. I did sleep with a woman once right after a loss, I was sad and she offered to give me a blow job and let me hit it doggy style. I think everyone here know that I love anything related to 'dogs'. So I took the offer and she gave me herpes, but thats another story.
    So I wanted to spend some time with the kids and brother before I go to jail. So I tried helping them with their work and I tried to teach them alot of things I know of. I dont want them making the same mistakes I made. I thought them alot breed the perfect dog, the proper way to inject steroids on a dogs butt. But most importantly to wear a condom while they are freaking a ho of the street. I love them so much I dont want them to catch herpes like me. :icon_sad:
    So tomorrow I will go bowling with the family, I will tell you guys how it goes. The best I've bowled was a 270, I need some more practice. I really love this place, you guys are the only people that have showed me love during this hard times and I would like to thank you all.

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    since when are you married? you must be on some serious shrooms. better hide 'em
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    does your butthole hurts?? well of course it does, since u seem like u always have an iron fist up your ass

    :groan: Ecstasy is messing my life

    *****admin edit***** Take the personal stuff to the fight club not here.
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    I wish you shut up