Naming The Eagles Starting QB Up To Chip Kelly Says WR DeSean Jackson

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    Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson still is getting used to Chip Kelly.

    After years as a starter under Andy Reid, Jackson was jarred to find himself floating up and down the depth chart in offseason practices. He subsequently jumped on Michael Vick's party line, urging Kelly to pick a No. 1 quarterback sooner than later.

    Jackson eventually came around on Kelly's unorthodox practice habits, and now he's softened on the quarterback front.

    "I wish I could know, but at the end of the day, that's the coach's decision," Jackson said Friday night, per Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News. "I'm going to play that how it goes. I think we have four great quarterbacks, with (Michael) Vick, (Nick) Foles, (Matt) Barkley and (Dennis) Dixon ... I think throughout the offseason, everybody did everything the right way, everybody practiced hard, everybody was there, accountable, and did the things they were asked to do ... moving forward, we just look forward to knowing who will be (the starter), because that'll definitely help us prepare better going into the season."

    Said Jackson: "(Kelly's) never been a coach of ours; of course, with a new system, he's going to want to know who best fits."


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