NBA’s post-post-season more exciting than season itself

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    It’s been quite the last two weeks for the National Basketball Association. If you’re into made-for-television drama, the NBA off-season might just be for you. At least Adam Silver is hoping so.


    For NBA homers such as myself, the post-Finals denouement has been more entertaining than the season itself. This is a marketing technique the NFL has mastered. The regular season lasts only four months but fans talk about the sport all year long. Finally, the NBA is catching on.

    We haven’t played a game in two weeks but have seen more NBA wheeling and dealing than Khloe Kardashian’s Rolodex. With free agency only a week away and 29 teams not named the Golden State Warriors unhappy in their own skin, draft week threw us a lot of faces changing places, a healthy portion of finger-pointing, a wholehearted helping of speculation and as usual, plenty of dysfunction.

    Here are the last two weeks in a nutshell: