NCAA Tourney Expansion

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  1. VikingsFan28

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    INDIANAPOLIS -- The NCAA hopes to expand the men's basketball tournament from 65 to 68 teams beginning next year and announced a new, $10.8 billion broadcasting deal with CBS and Turner Broadcasting on Thursday that will allow every game to be shown live for the first time.

    The three-team expansion is much more modest than 80- and 96-team proposals the NCAA outlined just a few weeks ago at the Final Four. The move coincides with the new, 14-year broadcasting arrangement that interim NCAA president Jim Isch said will provide an average of $740 million to its conferences and schools each year.

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  2. Mike

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    I like the idea of 4 regional playoff games.
    I greatly prefer this plan to the other plan of extending it to 96 games or so
  3. ketbuckfan

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    I love the fact that all games will be shown. About damn time.
  4. cpgobrowns

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    The 4 regional playoff games need to be bubble teams playing their way in, not conference winners of lesser conferences like the current play-in game.