Need a win to make Playoffs

Discussion in 'Fantasy Football Advice' started by eilefson, Dec 5, 2019.

  1. eilefson

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    I need a victory to make it into the playoffs (my Team 1) and looking for a little help with my line up...

    Currently my line up is:
    QB: C Wentz (PHI),
    RB: E Elliott (DAL), M Ingram (BAL)
    WR: O Beckham (CLE), M Gallup (DAL)
    FLEX: , C Carson (SEA), DK Metcalf (SEA)
    TE: D Waller (OAK)
    K: J Tucker (BAL)
    DEF: Pittsburgh

    BENCH: A Thielen (MIN), M Jones Jr (DET), J Conner (PIT)

    I'm going back and forth between Gallup (vs CHI) and M Jones Jr (vs MIN) at the WR position, and like every other week, I struggle with O Beckman (vs CIN), your thoughts and suggestions?

    Also, if A Thielen (vs DET) is active, would you trust him to play the entire game, being he is still recovering from a hamstring injury?
  2. Kurt

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    Beckham and it's not even close. Enjoy making it to week 14 =)