New Steelers coach sends tough message

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    In keeping with an NFL trend, the Browns will have only a handful of two-a-day practices during training camp, and the ones they do have will be well-spaced.

    Same for the Bengals, who have five two-a-days scheduled (six if you include an Aug. 3 intrasquad scrimmage), and none on back-to-back days.

    The rest of the AFC North, meanwhile, is proceeding as if Vince Lombardi just rose from the dead and turned back the clock to the 1960s. Especially the Steelers, whose new coach, Mike Tomlin, seems intent on showing who's boss right from the start.

    On the Steelers' itinerary are 15 two-a-days during a 25-day camp. The team will practice twice for five consecutive days beginning July 24.

    Former Steelers coach Bill Cowher had lightened up on two-a-days in recent years.

    "That is what NFL training camps are all about," Tomlin told Pittsburgh writers last month. "They are not supposed to be pleasant."

    Baltimore Ravens coach Brian Billick has a reputation for conducting "country club" camps. Nobody will be saying that this year as the Ravens have 11 two-a day practices, including five days in a row at the start. Plus, they scrimmage the Washington Redskins.

    The Browns, who have six days of two-a-days, haven't scrimmaged anybody since Butch Davis was run out of town.

    Like Billick and others, Davis saw the benefit of practicing and knocking heads with another team for a day or two before the exhibition games started. Browns coach Romeo Crennel is not a fan of this.

    Who's next for Hall?

    With '60s-era guard Gene Hickerson finally being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame early next month, the question is, who's next? What current or former Brown will be the team's next Hall of Famer?

    Longtime linebacker Clay Matthews probably is destined to fall short and nobody else leaps to mind. Any suggestions? And don't say Art Modell, although it's possible.

    Even dozen

    Hard to believe it's been so long since Art Modell and Al Lerner hijacked the old Browns, but the Ravens are getting ready for their 12th season.