New UFL Starts Play With Look And Feel Of NFL

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    The United Football League's inaugural season will feature teams in New York, San Francisco, Orlando and Las Vegas. The first game will be Oct. 8, and the championship game will be played Nov. 27 in Las Vegas. Here's what you need to know.

    Former NFL quarterback and analyst Doug Flutie will serve as analyst for games.

    New UFL starts play with look and feel of NFL - MLB - Yahoo! Sports

    California Redwoods vs. Las Vegas Locomotives
    October 08, 2009 6:00PM PST TV: Versus
    Sam Boyd Stadium - Las Vegas, NV

  2. mj1987us26

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    Will it be televised?
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    So who's watching tonight?
  7. cris80

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    I give it 3 years of painful financial failure before it goes under.
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    Not me. Versus isn't available on Directv anymore otherwise I might watch a little bit.
  9. theeraser21

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    im watchin, been a fan of the league since the start
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    No, I don't get VS here. :icon_frown:
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    This isn't competing with the NFL, it was created to supplement it.

    NFL teams get to use players from teams if they are decimated by injuries.

    It's streaming on their website, check out the first post.
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    Screw Comcast.
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    They are streaming it on the website...

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    I guess I'm watching it alone then.

    I hope it's slow so I can savor the mediocrity.
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    There is a live feed on the website, Do you guys not read at all?
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    Yeah there is a live feed on their website.
  19. cris80

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    Is the NFL going to subsidize the league? I just don't think they'll get enough viewers to attract the sponsors they'll need to pay for talent (vicious circle). But if the NFL is backing the league, then it might have a chance.
  20. themush

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    No line on the game fellas.