NFC Playoff Race

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    Me too.
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    go out with a bang big blue! lol.. big time giants fan this week, hope Ahmad kills it. :icon_cool: Packers a better team then ARI imo, so them winning isnt a far fetched thing, we just got to go handle our business too.
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    Hard to think that the Cards don't show up if they have a shot at a 1st round bye
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    I'm a giants fan this week go blue do the Cowboys a favor beat the vikings.
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    is there an nfc playoff race anymore? all 6 teams are settled. playing for seeds isn't as important to the teams as it is to the fans. home-field 'advantage' in the playoffs doesn't really exist. the better team will win when it comes playoff time.
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    I hate this thread! :icon_sad:
  7. I feel your pain man. This was the lost season for us after that 5-0 start. We have at least a winning record to look forward to and end the year on a winning note.

    Next year will be our redemption season. :icon_cool:
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    Final NFC Standings:

    Division Winners:

    1. Saints - 13-3
    2. Vikings - 12-4
    3. Cowboys - 11-5
    4. Cardinals - 10-6

    Wild Card:

    5. Packers - 11-5
    6. Eagles - 11-5


    7. Falcons - 9-7
    8. Panthers - 8-8
    9. 49ers - 8-8
    10. Giants - 8-8
    11. Bears - 7-9
    12. Seahawks - 5-11
    13. Redskins - 4-12
    14. Buccaneers - 3-13
    15. Lions - 2-14
    16. Rams - 1-15

    Wild Card Weekend:

    Eagles at Cowboys
    Packers at Cardinals

    NFL Standings

    NFL Tie-Breaking Procedures