NFL 30 to Watch: Thomas Jones, Running Back, New York Jets

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    Thomas Jones and the Bears never quite fit together. The team wanted to give his starting job to Cedric Benson, and he was angry that Benson made more money despite giving the team less production.

    Now Jones has been traded to a new team, the Jets, where he heads into the season as the unquestioned starter. He should get the ball 20 times a game or so, and he should provide an upgrade to the Jets' mediocre running game.

    There is just one problem, though: The Jets' offensive line isn't as good as the Bears'. And it's likely to get worse if guard Pete Kendall, who is unhappy with his contract, is sent packing. That means that while the acquisition of Jones was a good move for the Jets, another 1,200-yard season would be a tall order.

    Bottom line: Jones will help the Jets' running attack, but his numbers will suffer as he adjusts to playing behind a weaker offensive line.