NFL Blog Sign-Up Thread

Discussion in 'Site News' started by SRW, May 24, 2007.

  1. SRW

    SRW Ex-World's Worst Site Admin

    I'll get you hooked up in a but here, I have to go grab the laundry! :icon_eek:
  2. suedon70

    suedon70 Sports Chica

    Is it too late to blog for the Bucs? I didn't read all the posts to this thread, so I'm not sure if someone else responded.....
  3. SRW

    SRW Ex-World's Worst Site Admin

    No, not at all. I will have to get you all setup when i get home from work though.
  4. suedon70

    suedon70 Sports Chica

  5. Flaxe1

    Flaxe1 1st Stringer

    I know Packman already has the Packers Blog, but is there any way I'd be allowed to do one too. If not, that's perfectly fine. Thanks.
  6. SRW

    SRW Ex-World's Worst Site Admin

    Sure, the more the merrier. I'll go get you all setup.
  7. eaglesrule4ever

    eaglesrule4ever Pro Bowler

    i would like to do a blog for the eagles if i can,
  8. reubenco

    reubenco Greenbelter

    I guess I can do a weekly thing on my Birds
  9. KJ3

    KJ3 Terminally Slack-Jawed

    i will post for the texans if no one is already doing so! sorry, 9 pages of reply's is just a tad much to read through to check...
  10. 86WARD

    86WARD -

    I wouldn't mind doing one on the Steelers or Fantasy Football. I'd like to think of a good angle...
  11. Sweets

    Sweets All-Pro

    49ers need some your magic SRW and sign me up too.:hotpotato:
  12. PSID412USM

    PSID412USM Pro Bowler

    ^ Can''t wait to reaad that Blog
  13. Sweets

    Sweets All-Pro

    Check out my blog and let me know what you think...
  14. Dougerrrr

    Dougerrrr Laus Deo

    Welcome to the Bloggers section Sweets. Keep em comin'
  15. Sweets

    Sweets All-Pro

    Thanx Doug.....I'm in great company in there...
  16. Flaxe1

    Flaxe1 1st Stringer

    Great to see a few more adds in the Blog section, have fun Sweets and KJ3.
  17. Sweets

    Sweets All-Pro

    Thanx Flaxe
  18. drecoby8012

    drecoby8012 Starter

    Though I'm a new member to this site, I'd love to do a blog for the Texans. I think I'm well qualified as well. I write all the time about Houston sports in my free time and would love to share my thoughts with other people. My NFL Mock draft was the main blog entry on the biggest chronicle site. It would really mean something if I got a blog, soooo if you guys give me the ok, I'm up to it and would update it more than once a week. Thanks.
  19. The Mullet

    The Mullet Reptile Guru

    I'd like to do one if there is room, even though Sweets beat me to the Niners punch! :icon_cheesygrin: I like to cover wider topics anyways.
  20. ronbart

    ronbart Pro Bowler

    id like to give it a shot. im guessing by now u probably have an eagles oneby now, which is fine. id like to do a general NFL one if thats ok. ive never actually had a blog before so if oyu let me do this it would be great. of u want me to wait a little bit cause i joined recently that fine, i just thought id ask