NFL had considered lifetime bans for pacman and henry

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    Source: Michael David Smith, NFL Fanhouse [ Full Article ]
    Troy Vincent, the free-agent safety who serves as president of the NFL players' union, tells the Buffalo News that the full-season suspension for Pacman Jones and the eight-game suspension for Chris Henry could have been much more severe. According to Vincent, a 16-year veteran who has consulted with commissioner Roger Goodell on issues of player discipline, the league considered giving both Jones and Henry lifetime bans. And according to Pro Football Talk, the appeals process is so stacked against the players in the NFL that just about any punishment Goodell hands down is going to withstand an appeal.

    I think lifetime bans would have been a little too much. Now if pacman gets in trouble again while on suspension, then that's a different story.
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    This just sounds like a useless piece of crap trying to make a name for himself. There is no freaking way that Goodell ever even considered a bullcrap "lifetime ban:.
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    He's the players rep president for the union.