NFL Legend LB Junior Seau Dead At 43

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    Former Chargers linebacker Junior Seau, an icon in his hometown of Oceanside who rose to stardom in the NFL, has died from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound at his beachfront home in Oceanside Wednesday. A 911 call reporting a possible suicide was made to police at 10 a.m., a dispatcher said. A crowd including several police officers and neighbors has gathered outside Seau’s two-story home on the south end of The Strand. Chargers chaplain Shawn Mitchell said he was notified of the death and is on his way to be with family members. “Junior was an icon not only in San Diego but throughout the nation. Of course this will affect a lot of people, not in the least the children and kids who look up to him,â€￾ Mitchell said. “He had a great impact on many lives. He’s changed my life in many ways, I’m sure.â€￾

    Source: San Diego Union-Tribune
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  2. RichLikeWh0a

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    I suspect this is going to end up a post-concussion thing one way or another.. but either way, it's definitely sad. RIP Seau.
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    It's a friggin tabloid. Won't believe it, until ESPN or says something.

    If it's true....

    Then Karma's finally starting in on the Pats
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    star dont spam that crap in this thread this is your only warning or you will get a card for derailing the thread.
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    I'm honestly hoping that this story is totally bogus, being Polynesian myself I identify with Seau on race...Please try and keep it civil in here fellas, no need for anyone to lash out to our other members.
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    He was a great player and will be missed.

    Concussions or other symptoms, a lot of former players have a hard time being retired. Out of the limelight, too much free time, and in some cases, no income. Pro sports in general need to help former athletes transition to civilian life.
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    A San Diego television station is reporting that it's a suicide...
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    It is believed to be a suicide. This is why the NFL is cracking down on hits to the head. Concussions cause serious brain damage. RIP.
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    The story was first reported by the north County Times...not it's not only a TMZ/ESPN tabloid report.

    The Chargers have released a statement saying that there is nothing to report at this time and that they are still waiting on factual information.
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    San Diego Union Tribune is now reporting that Seau has died of a self inflicted gun shot wound...911 call occurred at 10AM...
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    This is hecked up.
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    e hoʻomaha me ka maluhia.

    Hope I got that right?
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    Yes lambert... rest in peace....although I'm still holding out hope that TMZ is wrong... :(
  16. damn RIP to one of my favorite players as a kid. Notice he shot himself in the chest and not the head.
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    maybe the same will happen with the panthers fanbase ? :dunno:
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    I'm not buying it until I see it on Screw TMZ. If this crap is fake I'd freaking murder Harvey whatever the heck the douches name is. Wasn't Seau JUST on TV for the draft as well?
  19. smeags

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    this is hecked up man.
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    I actually liked Seau. I just think that Ol' Man Belicheck needs to watch out.

    Anyone think it could have been a Steve McNair type situation