NFL may have to shift developmental focus

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    With the talk of Dallas billionaire Mark Cuban showing interest in a pro football league venture, the United Football League, what many must understand is that any new product needs national exposure.


    What this could do, though, is get the NFL to focus on having its developmental league in the U.S. If there's truly a chance of a 17-game schedule and multiple games being played in London and several German cities, the league to give up NFL Europa (Goodell has never been a big supporter) and move it stateside. Given the choice, many European fans would prefer NFL regular-season games to the minor-league variety.

    Would be a killer for football over here IMO. Ppl here want regular season games, but we also want our NFLE. You can't compare a game once in a while, with a 11 week league. We hope for a more consistant league, with teams to identify, not for a shut down.
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    I want them to keep NFLE. They should instead have 5-6 NFL teams act as a sponser for a given NFLE club and allocate players only to that team. That way the rosters will be more consistent and the european fans will have an attachment to an NFL club.

    Example: Frankfurt Galaxy

    Sponsers: Packers, Falcons, Jets, Rams, Cowboys, Bengals

    They in no way have to worry about Mark Cuban's "league".
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    I hope it
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    I don't know what to think about NFLE but I do still think that regular season games outside North America is not a good thing for the competition... even if I'd kill to watch the 49ers in London or in Germany (or even in France, the Stade de France would make a great stage).
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    Keep the NFL-E but just make it like a Double A developmental league, Create a new league over here and make it Triple A developmental league being the one with better talent. Iunno im not sure theres a market for more football leagues, I guess there is. But too me it seems like the league is becoming over exposed to an extent. They shouldnt expect to produce much revenue from the new league if they decide to have one. Lets not forget about College Football, imagine if the new developmental league games were on Saturdays they would get crushed in most states...