NFL Moves To Dismiss Lawsuits Filed By Saints LB Jonathan Vilma

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    The NFL filed two suits in Louisiana court Friday to dismiss lawsuits filed against it by New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma, who is one of four players suspended for their roles in a pay-for-performance/"bounty" scandal that has engulfed the franchise this offseason, Vilma, a captain for the Saints, was suspended for the season by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. One asks for the Eastern District Court to oppose Vilma's request for an injunction/restraining order because the court does not have jurisdiction outside of the ruling and Vilma did not meet all the requirements for an injunction to be issued, arguments will be heard July 26. The second motion asks the court to dismiss Vilma's claim and that of the three other suspended players -- Scott Fujita, Anthony Hargrove and Will Smith -- that Goodell's ruling to suspend the players should not be upheld. Requests have been made to have arguments heard Aug. 10, 13 or 14. The expected moves by the league are the latest legal volley stemming from the "bounty" scandal. The league argues that Goodell's authority, the league's investigation and all other matters, followed all guideline of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, one of those policies is that Goodell has initial and appellate power in matters the league finds "conduct detrimental," which is how the bounty program was categorized.

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    The legal chess match has yet another move. This whole thing is going to dragggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg................
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    yep...StarCaps v2.0

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