NFL Networks Top 10 Linebacking Corps Of All Time

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    did anyone else catch it?

    this should make for some great discussion. in case you missed it.....

    10. 2000 Ravens
    9. 70's Broncos (Orange Crush)
    8. mid 80's Raiders
    7. 90's Steelers
    6. 60's Packers (Lombardi's Packers)
    5. 85 Bears
    4. 60's Chiefs (Stram's Chiefs)
    3. 86 Giants (Parcell's Giants)
    2. 70 Steelers (Steel Curtain)
    1. 90's Saints (The Dome Patrol)

    i'll go ahead and start defending my saints right now......

    other teams had some better LB's than the Saints, but as a unit the Dome Patrol is up there. no other team has sent all 4...not 3, but 4...of their LB's to the pro bowl in the same year.
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    Wow, that's awesome.
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    I do not have NFL Channel, wish I did
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    Crap. I shouldn't have read this thread since I'm watching it right now. Thanks for the Spoiler Alert, SF! :mad:
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    crap...sorry dawk. it was aired yesterday...i forgot how the NFL Channel likes to re-run stuff.

    at least i spared you the shocker of the Saints topping the list. LOL....i said shocker :shock:
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    It's alright. It was cool to watch anyway. I don't have a problem with the Saints being number 1. They were such a badass, complete unit.
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    I got stuff by Time Warner Cabble,the guy on the phone said they had the NFL network package when I brought it...AND THEY DONT HAVE IT....BASTARDS

    Well the '85 Bears linebacking crew being only 5th...thats bull crap..
    we had Wilber Marshall, Mike Singletary and Otis Wilson who kicked butt all season long..also Jim Morrissey, Ron Rivera

    Mike Singletary
    1985 Season: Made 3rd straight Pro Bowl appearance as starter after earning AP and UPI Defensive Player of the Year honors…Named all-NFL by AP, NEA, PFWA; all-NFC by UPI and Football News…2nd on team with 113 tackles, including season-high 14 stops at Green Bay (11/3)…Earned NFC defensive player of week award after 7 tackles, 3 sacks and interception vs. Patriots (9/15)…Had 6 tackles and 2 fumble recoveries vs. Lions (11/10)…Served as defensive captain and signal-caller for third straight year…Had 13 tackles and sack in two playoff games; two fumble recoveries in Super Bowl. Games Played: 16. Games Started: 16.

    Wilber Marshall
    1985 Season: Enjoyed all-pro caliber year in just first season as full-time starter…Started 15 games missing start of Jets game (12/14) with flu…Finished 3rd on team in tackles (78) and 4th in sacks (6)…Led Bear linebackers with 4 interceptions…Had 2 thefts, 8 tackles and 3 passes defended vs. Vikings (10/27)…In earlier game at Minnesota (9/19), had first NFL pick-off, 3 tackles and fumble recovery…Received game ball after interception, 4 tackles and pass defended at Green Bay (11/3)…Season-high 9 tackles vs. Redskins (9/29)…Scored first NFL touchdown after returning fumble 52 yards vs. Rams in playoffs…Strong Super Bowl performance included 4 tackles, sack and fumble recovery. Games Played: 16. Games Started: 15.

    Otis Wilson
    1985 Season: Had best season as pro leading to Pro Bowl appearance…Voted to AP 2nd Team all-NFL, UPI 1st Team all-NFC; College & Pro Football Newsweekly 2nd Team; Football news all-NFC…Recorded 2 sacks in Super Bowl win over Patriots…Had 13 tackles, 1 forced fumble, sack in 2 playoff wins…Received game ball vs. Minnesota (10/27) for recording 1 interception (23 yards for TD), 3 tackles, 5 hurries vs. Dallas; earned SI and NFC Player of the Week honors…Had 1st career safety vs. Packers (10/21)…Had key sack vs. Colts in 4th quarter in 17-10 win…Was NFC Defensive player of the month in November; 16 tackles, 2 sacks, 2 PD’s…Finished year 4th on team in tackles (69) and 2nd on team in sacks (11 ). Games Played :16. Games Started: 16.
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    We watched it the other day too, the 86 Giants are the ones that I really enjoyed, just the crap that went back and forth between Parcells and LT was gold.

    Adi, where did you expect them to be, looking at the 1-4 teams I think they were placed where they should have been, hell at least your team was up there at all...
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    no1 of course...:kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :wave: