NFL players still hiding, playing with concussions

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    twinkyerson didn't tell the Lions' medical staff immediately about his concussion, which he recalled getting on a kickoff during the second half. twinkyerson, who has caught 11 passes in 23 games over three years with three NFL teams, may have simply been trying to make the most of his opportunity to play even if he was putting his health at risk. The NFL agreed a week before this season started to pay $765 million to settle lawsuits from thousands of former players who developed dementia or other concussion-related health problems they claimed were caused by the same on-field violence that boosted the game's popularity and profit. Former Lions and Washington Redskins athletic trainer Al Bellamy, who worked for NFL teams from 1988-2012, said there's only so much medical professionals can do to protect players from themselves. Athletic trainers and team doctors are trying to see what they can from the sideline and the NFL puts an athletic trainer in the press box to point out possible concerns. Dr. Stanley A. Herring, a Seattle Seahawks team physician for 20-plus years and chairman of the NFL head, heck and spine committee subcommittee, said a key component of diagnosing concussions is a good relationship with players. In a series of interviews in 2011 about head injuries with The Associated Press, 23 of 44 NFL players said they would try to conceal a possible concussion rather than pull themselves out of a game.

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