NFL Players You've Met

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    :icon_frown: I hate willy....

    (sorry about the Colts-Pats hatin)
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    Eh, he was cool. Just cool seeing someone like that in a place like that.
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    Awesome story Mullet
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    Very cool dude!

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    sweet story about Willie Mac
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    I've met a lot of the players from the late 80s and early 90s Giants teams. They used to come to my middle school and high school every year and play basketball with the students as some kind of fund raiser - I've played b-ball with a lot of them, I've also got some autographs at games that I've been to, here's a list of who I remember:

    the two guys in my sig - LT and Carl Banks
    Gary Reasons
    Pepper Johnson
    Stephen Baker
    Mark Ingram
    Mark Bavaro
    Dave Meggett
    I think Ottis Anderson went one year but I can't remember
    Jumbo Elliot - he picked me up above his head during a basketball game - it felt like I was 15 feet in the air

    I've also met a few players from the Jaguars because my family held 4 season tickets and I lived in FL for a few years. I met Fred Taylor at a game and Marcus Stroud in a bar in Jacksonville.
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    I was in the same unit and played football with 2000 NFL Rookie of the Year Mike Anderson.


    Mike Anderson played drums in his Fairfield, S.C., high school marching band, he didn't compete in sports.

    Anderson began his football career in community college, at Mt. San Jacinto in California (1996-97), then went on to the University of Utah, he burst onto the NFL scene with the Denver Broncos in 2000, exploding for 1,487 yards rushing and 15 touchdowns, and was named NFL Rookie of the Year by USA Today.

    After missing the entire 2004 season with injuries, Anderson bounced back in 2005 with 1,014 yards rushing and 12 touchdowns, he signed with the Baltimore Ravens as a free agent in 2006, contributing to the Ravens' giddy 13-3 record as a backup running back.

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    in the last 4 years......

    Drew Brees (autograph)
    Jacob Hester
    Vincent Jackson
    Marlon McCree
    Doug Flutie (autograph)
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    i hate name droppers ...................
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