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    The Saints donated to my school growing up.. and yes we have a great team that is worth a shirt...
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    no, it wasn't till after a tragedy that they got thrown a few scraps. They've sold you Brees being good after that but they haven't done anything significant sense then. The Saints organization donating to the school may help you or someone somewhere but it just means they wanted a tax write off and to look good to society.
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    You must not be old enough to remember the "dome patrol" - as far as Super Bowls yes, they only have one.. but they beat the crap out of Indy for that title, it wasn't handed to them.
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    LOL You don't seem to understand. Yes, I'm older then you. The Dome patrol did nothing but generate highlights and talk. No post season significance . And no one dominated anyone, its all staged to begin with.

    the Saints like Seattle aren't nationally popular so they bring Manning in to give it star quality and give people a reason to watch the game. They believe Manning is superior but it would be a feel good story if Saints win. Fantastic story line and America leaves happy. Manning continues to dominate and the flash in the pan Saints can go back to hosting SBs while the world goes on not caring about them again.
    black solid pants with no stripes are silly on a football uniform anyway....
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    too bad your birth wasnt staged.
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    i have a friend named george borden who was a trainer for the new orlean saints in the 1970s.have not heard from him in a few years,but that is a true story.
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    as usual, i agree 100% with your opinion.
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    LOL fun stuff
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    everything youve predicted has proven to be stupid.
    at least you're consistent.
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  12. ram29jackson

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    nope , you are both wrong and I have explained the experiment as such. Of course I haven't had everything wrong because I have picked plenty of games right based on my assuming the NFL direction and typical lame I know football and this team is stronger as you are lead to belive typical crapolla .

    the only thing I have gotten wrong is the possibility of the Giants bringing 8-8 drama. I wont be wrong about them keeping you in jeopardy as to whether the Cards make the playoffs until the last week. And youll make excuses that you already knew that except I'm the only one that said they wouldn't since before week one.
    stop making excuses actually rewind games and watch defenders miss on purpose. Its not hard.
  13. 86WARD

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    Stop making excuses and produce another source. Also, stop making excuses and get one of your "story lines" correct.
  14. smeags

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    or better yet go eat some lead and stop stealing oxygen.

    waht ? you know you're all thinking the same damn thing.
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    You are the source if you are intelligent enough to do your own research. You are just afraid.
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    you see,..since you cant counter anything or cant comprehend what I say,the only thing you have is childish insults. The fact is I'm not the mouth breather when it comes to this topic.
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    1- we all comprehend your "i'm the smartest guy in the room" schtick. point is we all laugh at how each of your posts contradicts that claim.

    2- when you post stupidity - insults are expected.
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    If you've enjoyed this thread & it's enlightening revelations, 2015 will bring the opening of ram29jackson's new feature film chocked full of explanations exposing things we've always taken as facts. The Ouija Board Gazette says Roger Ebert gives it 2 thumbs up & calls it the 'must see' movie of the new year.

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    1 - should read "we all comprehend your 'the rest of you are the dumbest guys in the room' schtick. point is we all laugh at how each of your posts contradicts that claim."
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    Have you ever played football? Missed tackles happen all the time. It's part of the game. It does not mean it's done on purpose.

    I saw a shirt ton of missed tackles at a Pop Warner game. Oh shirt....the fix was in!!!