NFL Pulls Plug On Customized Face Masks

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    The National Football League is pulling the plug on elaborate, customized face masks that several prominent NFL defensive players had planned to wear this season.

    In an email to the Associated Press, NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said that the customized mask that Indianapolis Colts linebacker Robert Mathis had been wearing during training camp would not be approved for use during games.

    The only exception the league makes for the use of customized face masks is for medical reasons.

    In addition to Mathis, Arizona Cardinals defensive tackle Darnell Dockett had planned to wear a customized mask, which he unveiled at his team's FanFest in June. Dockett's mask had six horizontal bars and one vertical in the middle that divides a whopping 18 diagonal bars, nine on each side of the vertical bar.

    Source: Associated Press
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    Good. They're goobered.
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    I don't get what the big deal long as they provide the same amount (if not more) safety as the league's standard horizontal 4 and vertical 3 guidelines...who cares? More of the NFL not letting players be individual.

    I could only imagine what Goodell would have done with a guy like Deion

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    With Dockett being the King of Tards.

    Time to change sigpic.
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    I read some of these are actually useful and safe. It protection against offensive player putting their fingers through the face mask and inintentianly poking their eyes etc etc
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    Eye shields weren't nixed, just the bird cages.
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    I think any player can wear the visor. Only players with vision problems can wear the tinted shields...I think.
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    I think you're right.
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    I think you're correct about him being right.
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    They'll probably tell DeMarcus Ware he can't wear his next. He has 8 horizontal bars on his instead of the traditional 4.
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    Chris Canty and Tuck got a medical clearance to wear their customized face mask.

    DWare can not wear his unless he gets a doctors note
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