NFL Says Joe Looney's Low Hit On Kevin Williams Was Legal

Discussion in 'Minnesota Vikings' started by SRW, Aug 27, 2013.

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    The NFL agreed with the opinion of San Francisco 49ers guard Joe Looney: His hit on Minnesota Vikings defensive tackle Kevin Williams was not a "dirty" play. It wasn't illegal at all, an NFL spokesman confirmed Tuesday to

    Looney will not be punished in any way, although the play could inspire changes at the league level as the NFL's competition committee will look at the rules involving similar blocks next offseason. The play was not considered a peel-back block because Looney was moving toward his own goal line.

    The play upset Williams and his Vikings teammates.

    "My problem with this play is its intent," Allen said Tuesday, via USA Today. "He ducked down to hit him in the knee. It was intent to hit him in the knee, and if the league can't see that, they can fine me for this, because it's absurd."


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    Dr. Andrews will be a lot busier than anticipated this year
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    it's not illegal and Looney isn't known to be a dirty player...

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