NFL To Investigate Stabbing Of Dolphins WR Brandon Marshall

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins' started by SRW, May 27, 2011.

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    Though Brandon Marshall appeared to be the victim when he was allegedly stabbed by his wife on April 22, the Dolphins’ star receiver is still being monitored by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, anyway. Goodell, in Indianapolis wrapping up a three-day set of owners’ meetings, says that “We are aware of the incident, and certainly we will follow that incident,†while noting that he has not yet spoken with Marshall. As a follow-up, Fox Sports’ Alex Marvez asked Goodell if it is considered a violation of the personal conduct policy if a player does not cooperate with a police investigation. “It’s a hypothetical, but I would tell you that we do expect anyone involved with a legal issue to cooperate with law enforcement,†Goodell said. The Broward County state attorney’s office released a statement yesterday that its investigation has currently stalled because Marshall has not agreed to voluntarily speak about the incident. League spokesman Greg Aiello further clarified that, “We have said that when the players return, any potential violations of the conduct policy will be reviewed for possible discipline.â€

    Source: Palm Beach Post
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    Love how the paperwork is just piling up on Goddell's desk.
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    Still love how they keep trying to fine players they've locked out & have no contract with...
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    Wish that snitch would stab Goddell.

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