NFL Tweaks Rules To Speed Up The Draft

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    This year’s NFL draft should wrap up a little faster.

    The NFL has quietly tweaked the rules to reduce the amount of time between picks, allowing only four minutes between selections in the seventh round, as well as four minutes between selections for all compensatory picks. The league informed PFT today that the speeding up of the draft was discussed at the competition committee meetings and communicated to the teams at the league meeting in March. The change was made at the league office level and did not necessitate a vote of the 32 teams.

    The new rule makes a lot of sense: The seventh round is when the draft begins to feel like it has dragged on interminably, and even Mel Kiper and Mike Mayock are running out of things to say. And compensatory picks can’t be traded, so teams need less time to make those picks.

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  2. 86WARD

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    Interesting...less commercial breaks? Less money in the NfL's pocket?
  3. Buck Fenson

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    ha ha. funny. simply not going to happen. they will pick during the commercial and have the pick on a banner rolling across the screen at the bottom. wish they would shorten the time between picks during the earlier rounds also. but then again, anything that makes Kiper run out of words to say is alright in my book. hate that side pose shot he gives, tilts his head slightly and purses his lips. wish someone would come up behind him with some clippers and shave his head live on tv. now that would make the 7th round more interesting.
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    Agree. May speed up the picks, but the actual time will probably be the same. If anything, it will leave room for MORE
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    I bet more commercial's since they have to pay taxes now..I'm in the wrong business