NFLPA Calls On Congressional Committee To Review Player Safety

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    On the heels of Thursday's announcement that legendary NFL linebacker Junior Seau had chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a degenerative brain disease, when he committed suicide last May, the NFLPA released a statement calling for a Congressional committee to investigate player safety, the New Orleans Times-Picayune reports. Here is the full statement:

    "Junior Seau was a leader on and off the field and the player community continues to mourn his loss. The report today about Junior having chronic traumatic encephalopathy is tragic. We know that research and partnerships will be an important factor in improving player care and safety, which is why we set aside $100M of player funds for medical research during the term of this collective bargaining agreement.

    "We also know that accountability and credibility are equally important measures in the overall commitment to player safety. The only way we can improve the safety of players, restore the confidence of our fans and secure the future of our game is to insist on the same quality of medical care, informed consent and ethical standards that we expect for ourselves and for our family members. This is why the players have asked for things like independent sideline concussion experts, the certification and credentialing of all professional football medical staff and a fairer workers compensation system in professional football.

    "Given their keen interest in Health and Safety issues in football, we call on Congressman Cummings, Congressman Issa and the Congressional Committee on Oversight and Government Reform to review this issue as well.

    "Our players deserve the best care, and we will fight to hold the NFL and the Clubs accountable for providing it."

    Source: The Redzone
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    freaking dirtbag hypocrites. the nflpa has people on the nfl safety commitee and they've been there since all this started. now they want to drag congress in this mess and waste tax dollars trying to fix something that is their mess ?
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    I Agree,but osha is involved anyway,so that should be the part of the government that is looking into this,not congress!

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