NFL's All Parole Team

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    a dude at saintsreport posted this....thought it was pretty funny.....

    QB - Micheal Vick -- Dog Killer

    RB - O.J. Simpson -- (If he would have done it... um, yeah)
    RB - Lawrence Phillips -- Multiple offenses... Namely, vehicular battery
    RB - Bam Morris -- Drug Trafficking; Assault
    RB - Maurice Clarett -- Linked to organized crime

    FB - Cecil Collins -- Forced entry of homes; Drugs; Burglary

    WR - Rae Carruth -- Murdered his baby's momma
    WR - Randy Moss -- Intentionally bumped traffic cop with his car; Marijuana use
    WR - Chris Henry -- Multiple DUIs
    WR - ??????

    TE - ??????

    OL - Nate Newton -- Marijuana Smuggler

    DL - Leonard Little -- Vehicular homicide
    DL - Tank Johnson -- Gun Charges, aggravated assault, resisting arrest

    LB - Lawrence Taylor -- Cocaine possession
    LB - Ray Lewis -- Charged with murder, acquitted

    CB - Pacman Jones -- Multiple felony charges
    CB - Jimmy Williams - Marijuana possession

    S - ?????

    K - Sebastian Janikowski - Battery, attempting to bribe a police officer, accused of date rape

    P - ??????
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    Too bad Marcus Vick's incidents with the law happened while he was in college.
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    S? How about Sean Taylor (although it pains me to say it because I love the Canes)
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    At TE, Mark Chmura almost made it.
    And don't forget Barret Robbins and his attempted murder of a police officer.
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    they see me rollin, they hatin...