Nine New Arcade Games Installed Today!

Discussion in 'GridironFans Support' started by SRW, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. SRW

    SRW Ex-World's Worst Site Admin

  2. afjay

    afjay Click. Clack.

    Batting Practise doesn't work, I scored 328 but it won't submit any score.
  3. TDJets72027

    TDJets72027 Rex Ryan baby

  4. yisman

    yisman The Ambivalent One

    2 or 3 of them just submit scores of zero, no matter what you get

    and that kong game is goobered.

    but thanks for the new games!
  5. Platoon 86

    Platoon 86 Loony

    Thanks for the games but a few of them won't submit scores.
  6. SRW

    SRW Ex-World's Worst Site Admin

    Please list which games in the Game Deletion suggestion thread so I know which ones to put up to vote.