Now or never for Bengals?

Discussion in 'Cincinnati Bengals' started by indysteve1563, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. IMO they're peaking at the right time, save for some of the O-line. They should be able to take the AFC North easily. Anything after that is gravy.
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    8-8 in 3 out of 4 years has Bengals HC, OUCH!

    The first year when the Bengals where 8-8 with Marvin Lewis, it was a success but now 8-8 is unaccepted in Cincinnati because they do have the talent. They also just need to stay clean from the law as well.
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    Our window of opportunity it open right now. I wouldn't say it's closing because of the core talent we have locked up for a long time, but it's our time, and if we don't take advantage we'll miss our chance.
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    Keywords, "locked up" welcome to GIF XPetey
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    If and this is a big if ,the defense ever plays even half way respectable they will go far into the playoffs.
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    I think Hall is going to be a great addition the the secondary. Hopefully Thurman is back. I think the defense will be really improved.
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    Well given those 2 choices..... guess it is never... lol.. sounds like Chief fans...
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    they should be able to take thier divison and make a nice run if palmer can get some protection this year
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    Agreed, Palmer has good receivers and can throw well, he just needs a little more time in the pocket.
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    yeah and he needs a team that isn't in jail
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    very true
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    never been so right before
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    Maybe my memory is fading, but aside from Thurman, Cincy had very little time missed due to legal issues.

    The media has mislead us by beating that drum to death, but it was really INJURIES that hurt Cincy's season.

    If Cincy can keep its starters healthy, they have a solid chance to go well into the playoffs.

    But this year isn't do or die for Cincy. That scenario would mean that the team is expecting a drop off in the next few years. Not at all the case in Cincy. If anything, Cincy's defense will only get better. And Lewis will have time to further bolster the o-line. The only area I'm worried about is the linebacking corps. If Lewis can't find some LBs who can defend the pass, he'll never hoist a Lombardi trophy as a Bengal.

    What will also help Cincy is that the RAVENS are definitely getting old quick. The STEELERS have lost a LOT lately. And the BROWNS might get better but I think it will take a couple of years.