Oden Out 4-6 Weeks With Foot Sprain

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    An MRI confirmed Wednesday that Greg Oden would miss four-to-six weeks with a mid-lateral right foot sprain. So much for the Rookie of the Year award. If you own Oden, there's not much you can do here other than hope that he stays healthy when he returns. Joel Przybilla and Channing Frye will share center duties, but neither appears to be an ideal fantasy option. LaMarcus Aldridge will also get some minutes in the middle over the next two months.

    Source: Rotoworld

    Rotoworld is saying 4-6 and ESPN is saying 2-4 weeks.
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    I bet the Blazers are kicking themselves for not taking Durant.
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    Oden is a joke
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    Thanks for screwing me in fantasy:icon_evil:
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    Didn't he get enough money to just buy a new foot?