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    Kawhi Leonard is a Los Angeles Clipper. In case you missed it, Paul George is too.

    In the biggest clandestine operation of the summer, the two west coast kids from Los Angeles County, who are pretty darn good at basketball, decided they wanted to play for that “other” team in Los Angeles.

    For weeks, rumors swirled, ironically none of which included Paul George’s name, about where the reigning Finals MVP would take his talents. Most figured Kawhi would end up in Los Angeles. As it turned out, they were right, sort of.

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    As a Knicks fan, it feels like there was this amazing party with all your friends involved...only you weren't invited...

    And it's the third time this's crazy.

    But you still want to hang out...even if you don't belong anymore...
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    It just astonishes me that this franchise can't find anyone who wants to play for it.
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    Yet our delusional owner thinks "everybody wants to play in the Madison Square Garden. Everybody wants to come to New York".

    I don't even think that was true 20 years ago...
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    Everyone does want to come to New York. Just not with him as the owner.
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