Oregon QB Darron Thomas To Enter Draft

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    Oregon quarterback Darron Thomas is leaving school early and will enter the NFL draft.The Ducks announced Thomas' decision Saturday night."I came to this decision on behalf of myself and my family," Thomas said in a statement. "I have a dream of playing in the NFL and I'm going to pursue those dreams.The 6-foot-3, 215-pound junior threw for 2,761 yards and 33 touchdowns with seven interceptions and led Oregon to a 45-38 win over Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl Game presented by VIZIO."As in all cases, we educate our players with the information we feel will be beneficial to them throughout the process but ultimately, the decision is left up to the players," coach Chip Kelly said in the statement.Thomas was a two-year starter at Oregon.

    Source: ESPN
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  3. weird decision. Oregon had a nice chance to win a national title. Maybe he will change his mind?
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    That and he'd have a much better shot in next seasons QB class, i think he changes his mind and comes back.
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    Why else?


    The way he plays QB, his stock won't get any higher than it is now. Which isn't that high anyway.
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    This year us actually pretty weak outside of a very strong top 2.

    Tannihill is a second round pick that will likley go in the mid first. Froles will also get pick a round early. Just dont know what round that is yet
  7. he can't. He already signed with Rosenhaus.
  8. Foles will go late 1st early 2nd and he deserves it. He is better than Tannehill.

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