OT Bryant McKinnie, Ravens Strike Two-Year Contract

Discussion in 'Baltimore Ravens' started by Sweets, May 2, 2013.

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    The Baltimore Ravens announced on Thursday that McKinnie agreed to a two-year contract to stay with the defending Super Bowl champions. The 33-year-old offensive tackle sat on the bench for much of last season until taking over as Joe Flacco's blindside protector for the team's playoff run, McKinnie played extremely well, and is now being rewarded.

    It's been an up-and-down run in Baltimore for McKinnie, he's clashed with the coaching staff at times because of his weight and his attitude, but the Ravens simply didn't have any palatable option on the roster. It was expected that he was going to find a better offer elsewhere, but GM Ozzie Newsome sneaked in at the buzzer to close the deal.

    Source: NFL.com
  2. CStevenson13

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    Good deal, solidifies the O-Line and keeps KO at LG, he was dominate there in the playoffs.
  3. CaptainStubing

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    interesting. supposedly he had offers from the dolphins and chargers also. I wonder if everyone was just offering him a low salary
  4. CStevenson13

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    Im sure the offers were probably very similar, if not the same. A lot of Ravens fans got up in arms when he wasnt signed earlier but Oz has always been the type to let the market set itself then decide if its right player right price. Mckinnie's interest just came so late that it took a while for his market to set.

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