Owner Mark Davis Says He'd Like To Keep Raiders In Oakland

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    Mark Davis, the son of the late Al Davis and owner of the Oakland Raiders has said he isn't opposed to relocating the franchise though his preference is to stay in Oakland according to Monte Poole of Bayareanewsgroup.com. "Oakland is my preference, though," Davis said. "I see us as an urban team, being in a city. I want it to work here. I'd like to stay here. "But we have to find a way to (generate more revenue). We need people buying season tickets. We're in a deficit-spending situation, and we need to start getting our revenue up." Davis said he was "impressed" by a recent meeting with civic officials representing Oakland in its attempt to retain the Raiders -- as well as the A's and the Warriors -- with a proposed project on the Coliseum Complex footprint that would contain three facilities, providing separate space for baseball and football.

    Source: The Redzone
  2. I'd rather see them move to L.A than the Vikings.
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    Forget the Bieber bowl....Why isn't this haircut catching on?

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