Packers Close To Finalizing An Extension For LB Clay Matthews

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    The Packers have $18 million in salary cap space that is there for a reason, Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports. They have been working on deals for Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews since the season ended and there's a chance that more details were worked out between negotiator Russ Ball and agent David Dunn at the NFL owners meetings.

    In Matthews' case, they had no choice but to work on a deal now because he only has one year left on his rookie contract and letting him get any closer to free agency would be a huge mistake. He is scheduled to make $3.73 million this year with a salary cap number of $4.86 million. His cap number will probably go up to anywhere from $8-10 million.

    Source: The Redzone
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    pay the man
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    You mean pay the agent? He is the one looking at HUGE payday concidering he is the agent for Matthews, Rodgers and Raji.......cha ching!