Packers President Says Favre Retirement Ceremony Is 'Going To Happen'

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    When Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers shared the stage at an NFL event the night before Super Bowl XLVII, it was a chance for the two bitter rivals to bury the hatchet.

    Now that the Super Bowl winning quarterbacks have made up, Packers team president Mark Murphy told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that it might be time to start planning a Favre retirement ceremony.

    "I don't want to put a deadline on it, but it's going to happen," Murphy said. "It's got to be sitting down, the organization -- whether it's myself or others -- sitting down with him and working on the timing of it."

    The fact that Favre and Rodgers can stand in the same room together seems to have played a big part in the team's decision to honor Favre in the near future rather than sometime way down the road.

    "It was kind of a good first step," Murphy said of the Rodgers-Favre meeting. "And our intent all along is we want to bring [Favre] back into the family and retire his number. He deserves it."

    Some members of the Packer fanbase may not feel the same way though, especially after news emerged this week that Favre might have played a small role in Greg Jennings' departure to Minnesota.

    Of course, a retirement ceremony is only going to happen if Favre wants it to happen, something he didn't seemed to enthusiastic about in July. "People think I'm crazy, but I don't need to have a day," Favre said at the time. "I don't need to have a retirement, retire your jersey, all that stuff, to solidify my career."

    At the same time, Favre did say that he expected to eventually get a ceremony. "That day will come," Favre said. "I haven't lost any sleep over it, nor have they, I think. What I did, speaks for itself. What I left behind, speaks for itself."

    Source: CBS Sports
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    Not if he's playing with Greg Jennings in Minnesota...just
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    If a ceremony happens, count on BSPN taking a full day to cover it.
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    Favre makes it sound as if it would be a 'chore' to have a retirement party. If he doesn't want one, don't have one, he doesn't seem to have any problem with alienateing his fan base that he has left, IMO.
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    I hate you so much right now.