Pacman must prove he's ready to grow up

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    Just the fact that the Commish will hear the appeal is nothing but bad news for Pacman. The Raiders have a better chance of winning the 2007 Super Bowl than Pacman winning this appeal.
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    yeah, its just like Gene Upshaw, freaking cat...he's supposed to be representing the NFL players, but he's so afraid to piss off Goodell so now he's in his back pocket...yes sir Massssssa, anything you say. :roll: and may I add he's also the highest paid union boss, what a freaking crock!!!

    Gene Upshaw went from Tags pet with a short leash to Goodell's lap dog.
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    Aint it a pity..maybe we should just praise them for acting like dumbhecks...and then let them get away with it because they have tons of money and are paid to entertain us..

    This day and age, the league is at the mercy of the media..and when their players start acting like idiots/breaking laws in public, and giving reasons for people to pry into their less than legal behaviour, then they have to stand at some point and clean up their image....or maybe we can just let them run wild and get a couple more people shot just like darrent williams? will you be happy then?

    Thug Life Y'all...
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    No one is praising anyone Barl, but if you're going to police the league then at least be fair about it all, as I said you don't blindly start a policy and enforce it within weeks and have the NFL Players Union not have any problems with sending their guys to the wolves without any questions? The Players Union is for the players, funny that Gene didn't have any problems looking the other way with any of the hundreds of players that broke the law over and over, some even found guilty first. I just find it weird that ONE person has final say over a players livelihood and when appealed that same ONE person again has final say, not even in our judicial system is that legal or possible. This is not just about Pacman, this is about what is right...and IMO <insert thuginess> Yo Homes dis just ain't right, aight!!
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    IMO Pac suspension should be lighten to maybe 8 games bc he was not convicted of anything.....and those player wihtt multiple convictions need to be suspended for a year and fine the team ......

    opps the Bengals have just forfeited their season
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    He was in a situation that he created........I know your comparing to hundreds of other cases, but even this year, his actions were a fair bit bigger of a deal than Chris Henry giving alcohol to a 16 year old as it led to violence outside the club...he may not have been convicted, but his actions created those problems.....

    The NFL is a JOB not a government judicial system..there is no jury for your heck up, you face your boss..and Goodell is now the boss, like it or not, he makes the final decisions..thats what he's paid to do.......they have a code of conduct, and it warranted his suspension by the commish who runs the league...

    I do believe Henry should have been out a year as well due to his MULTIPLE convictions.....

    I find it funny how people are up in arms when someone tries to clean up the league..great..the commish of the past was a goodell needs to be one too? :roll: These guys are role models, like it or not, an NFL job comes with restrictions on how you act outside of work, because it reflects on the company you work for...
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    Barl you keep saying PEOPLE are up in arms??? what people, no one is up in arms, I want to see fairness throughout the league not making one guy lose his money for a season while letting all the other buttholes slide by just because Pacman was in the news more recently. Pacman did create this stage for himself and ok he needs to be punished but where are all the other offenders of the NFL so called clean image???

    Clean up the league, great, good for Goodell but the NFL players union is there for a reason and not just to be a yes man to the commissioner and none of us have heard a peep from the union boss, hell the guy won't even stand by the players.

    btw Barl you don't see anything wrong with the commissioner being the same person to review the appeal, that to me is just wrong if that's the case no one will ever get a chance on the appeal.
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    I said "people are up in arms" once.. :lol: and people are....look at all the snitching going on at this site about it and around the net....poor pacman is out of control and he's being punished for freaking many times do superstar athletes have to get bailed out of their own heckups just because they entertain you or anyone else?

    What is not fair? There is nothing wrong with the commissioner hearing his appeal....I don't get to go whine to 3 or 4 people at my work if I heck up, it comes down to one boss, one boss makes the decisions that drives the company. They may suspend me for actions they've heard about from other employees/managers, but when I plead my case, it will be to the same person that suspended me in the first place.....Thats how a business I said, this isn't the government..its a job...If I did the things these guys have done, I'd have been fired long ago by my company...FIRED..not suspended...

    its good Upshaw keeps his mouth shut, he should be tired of all the dumb thugs running around wasting his time.....He has to focus on getting their dumbasses out of hot water because they can't act right OUTSIDE OF WORK...Pacman and Henry both broke a very clear code of conduct rule.....Upshaws job is to make sure the NFL is giving adequate salaries, benefits, pension, and fighitng for players who are suspended for actions on the field.....If you can't control yourself off the field, get a lawyer...He shouldnt waste his time with idiots like Henry and Jones....
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    Babying??? I call this conversing about what's in the NFL news. I work for a company too and if you are reprimanded by your supervisor you can have the option of going higher up if you feel you haven't been fairly heard, what good is an appeal board when the one person that suspended you is the only one on the appeal board, why bother?

    If this so called code of conduct rule has been in place for some time now, where are all the other idiots that have been in trouble time and time again, why are they not looking at their careers from the rear view mirrors as they lose their jobs, my whole argument is that Pacman is the only one with a year suspension maybe more yet there are hundreds of "idiots" with convictions etc. and they still have their jobs. Or is it the "NEW" code of conduct rule that you're referring to?
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    ummm...because Goodell was just made commissioner and apparently has enough balls to actually enforce the code of conduct rule and make an example out of players who abuse it, such as Henry and Jones....

    simple enough answer...shouldnt have been too hard to figure out on your own...

    Where are these hundreds of other players? care to list them? Which ones recently since Goodell took over, seeing how he JUST GOT THE JOB....

    The past disciplinary actions obviously weren't deterring these type of players from their actions, so why would he keep following the same stupid pattern and never learn from the past commissioners mistakes? Is that how you live life? make the same mistakes over and over without trying to correct them? Would you be lenient on someone for repeatedly freaking up at work after they've been reprimanded several times before? no...the more times they do it the harsher the penalty becomes until they get it thru their head that their job in the NFL is a freaking privledge and not a right...There are plenty of people working other boring meaningless jobs that would walk a straight line in a minute to be given the opportunities these dumbasses squander at every turn...