Parcells' 3-4 Defense Was Easy to Scout

Discussion in 'Dallas Cowboys' started by TDJets72027, Jul 21, 2007.

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    Now that Bill Parcells is retired, it seems like everybody has an opinion on why he wasn't a good coach in Dallas. Which is kinda weird because I don't remember similar conversations when he pseudo-retired from his previous gigs. Maybe that was because he was closer to his two Super Bowl wins, or maybe the Internets hadn't become an integral part of the news cycle.

    In any event, former Cowboys tight end Dan Campbell is the latest to weigh in:

    Campbell, whose Detroit Lions beat Dallas, 39-31, in Texas Stadium last December, said [on a Dallas radio show that] the Cowboys were easy to scout on film: If the defense wasn't sending DeMarcus Ware, it wasn't sending anyone. Campbell said he didn't think it was coordinator Mike Zimmer's fault since he was more versed in the 4-3 than the 3-4, but there were far less surprises then you'd get with other NFL defenses, which made Dallas easier to take advantage of. Campbell also said he expects things to improve with Wade Phillips on board because he's a proven 3-4 guy.

    Marcus Spears certainly hopes that last sentence holds true because he wasn't exactly ecstatic about the whole Parcells experience. Which kinda leads to this question: Will DeMarcus Ware have as many sacks as Shawne Merriman had last season? Answer: only if he juices. (That's a joke, people.)
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    Hopefully they'll be even easier to scout this season.
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    The Saints sure thought they were easy to scout last year.
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    saint also had peyton who was only second to parcells.....i think that maybe it was easy to scout but the nfact that BP didnt allow changes during the game was killing us
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    Hopefully their 4-3 will be easy to scout for week 3.:icon_cheesygrin:
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    "Hopefully"... I kind of doubt it, though.
    Oh, and the Saints massacre was kind of a lol. Parcells should've known better and changed the scheme, if not dramatically, at least in a relevant way.
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    yeah shoulda maybe he had lost a step whomknows