Patriots Put WR Donte Stallworth On IR, Bring Back Deion Branch

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    The New England Patriots placed Donte' Stallworth on injured reserve one week after signing the veteran wide receiver.

    Stallworth was signed on Dec. 4 to fill the void left by the injury to Julian Edelman, and caught a 63-yard touchdown pass in Monday night's win over the Houston Texans. But Stallworth suffered an ankle injury during the game and will not play the rest of the season.

    The 32-year-old Stallworth attended training camp with New England but was released on Aug. 27. The 10-year vet spent the 2007 season with the Patriots, registering 46 receptions for 697 yards and three touchdowns.

    Source: Sports Network
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    one week? he is done. retire and enjoy your hundreds.
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    he did have a 63 yard td lol i bet he finds work next year i always liked stallworth still have his eagles jersey lol
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    Do you still have an Ernie Simms jersey too?

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