Patriots QB Tom Brady Says Team Deserves Their 5-3 Record

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    Speaking on his weekly interview with the Dennis and Callahan Show Tuesday morning, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady explained that his team's 5-3 record is in line with how the Pats have played this season.

    "We're at where we really deserve to be," Brady said. "I don't think we've played any better than our record. We don't deserve to be anything better than we are. Look, every team can go, 'Wow, without these plays we could be undefeated.' Every team can say that. But we're not, and there's a reason why. It's not like we've played great football over these last eight weeks. There is a lot of improvement we need to make. There is a lot of things we can do better. We need to get some guys healthy. We have to get everybody moving forward and make a big push here in the second half because this is where the best teams really start to show themselves."

    Brady said that despite the bye week, he will still not be taking too much of a rest from thinking about football.

    "There's not much of a break, to tell you the truth," he said. "It's hard when you play quarterback to get away from of it. I'll talk to Josh 50 times these next three days and then we practice on Thursday and I'm not sure what we have planned after that. This is still football season. This isn't mid-February, so I'm still thinking about what we need to do better, what I need to do better, my role on the team and things I can improve on."

    Brady also noted that there wouldn't be any family trips planned during this time off, citing his pregnant wife as the primary reason to stay close to home. He did say that his wife was leaving all trick-or-treating duties to the quarterback, leading Brady to remember his own costumes as kid, dressing up as Joe Montana and a ninja.

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    Above .500 and still looking to improve. That's Tom in a nutshell.
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    with that super suspect defense, what do they expect
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    The defense inside 2 minutes is an abortion.

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